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The Facilitation Partnership Helen and Ben2

Getting to know people from the inside out

We want our clients to be successful leaders, to gain clarity, deliver their goals and ultimately, nail those KPIs. 

When meetings are done well, organisations can do all these things and move forward. As facilitators and trainers, we help people unlock their inner facilitator.

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A bit more about TFP

The Facilitation Partnership Limited is our parent company – so things like processes, governance and invoices are within its remit. The Facilitation Partnership then has two brands – Lim, a global studio of live visualisers and us, TFP.

We’re led by founding partners, Helen Chapman and Ben Robinson who are front and centre of the business and always the constant. We also have a great network of trusted colleagues and the resources to scale if and when we need to. We have a global team of people who regularly support us – some who are dedicated to TFP and some who are associates with huge expertise in their particular fields.

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The TFP Kaleidoscope ©

Our Kaleidoscope is the frame we use to separate, see and understand the barrage of sensory information present before, during and after meetings. By learning to see which part of the Kaleidoscope is showing up strongest you will deepen your insight into what's going on in the room.

The Kaleidoscope represents the four dynamic components:

  • Purpose: why this meeting? Why now?
  • People: often the most powerful yet most under-utilised asset in meetings
  • Content: the information and knowledge being shared and discussed.
  • Process: the way to unleash the potential of purpose, brains and subject matter.

When you achieve the ‘sweet spot’ where all 4 components coincide harmoniously, you create a meeting that delivers, every time.

Download an explainer of the TFP Kaleidoscope

Putting faces to names

The Facilitation Partnership Helen Chapman

Helen Chapman

Co-Founder Location: Australia and UK
Ben robinson

Ben Robinson

Co-Founder Location: Europe

Ellie Chapman

Co-Founder Location: UK

Stathis Vrakatselis

Lead TFP Facilitator Location: Greece (tbc)
Paul 2

Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt

TFP Coach

“2024 Strategy Set. Game plan set for delivery across Asia-Pacific and UK. 76 leaders leaning in to build a great culture. Huge thank you to TFP ”

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Visualising what you say so stuff gets done

Lim is a global studio of live scribes who visualise information in a way that gets everyone talking. Whether you want to capture an event in real time, develop a story map or create a playbook, their work has the power to make people do, feel and act. Led by Ellie Chapman, they’re leading the way in visualising business content. 

The work they create supports communication between teams and individuals and also across markets and countries. People can see what others mean rather than make assumptions.

More about Lim