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We don’t mean never go to another meeting but simply have the right conversations with the right people at the right time. 


Meetings can be dull and can serve very little purpose. In actual fact, meetings are very much alive  – they’re alive with human beings. It’s time to make your meetings as down-to-earth and visual as possible. At TFP, we design meetings to help your team explore and find the answers they need.



If a conversation is likely to get tough, or a leader would like to focus on being part of the solution, we’ll bring our facilitation expertise and lead a meeting. Our facilitators support individuality and independence within a group and know that success in a meeting is not about their ‘performance’ but instead getting the desired result.


Unlike mediators or arbitrators, it’s our job as external facilitators to help a group have an effective conversation that leads to an outcome everyone’s happy with, whilst remaining completely impartial.


Content can be shared in many, many ways. At TFP, we create graphics that track along with the conversation and provide a live focal point for every participant (even if they’re on the other side of the world). We draw what people talk about in meetings to help them see what they mean and understand points of view. We instinctively know which visual tool works best for a group and the conversation that needs to happen. 


Working visually means there’s always something on screen for participants to engage with – be it a video, your team’s latest work, a mind map or a template to capture notes on. For us, it’s critical in maintaining high levels of engagement.

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We can provide you with the skills to lead your own team in having conversations. Choose between online and traditional-style learning or one-to-one coaching. Nothing boring or classroom here. If you’d like to facilitate your own meetings, talk to us about facilitation training.




Not your typical meeting that’s for sure. Facilitation can happen anywhere – quickly, live and in the moment – you just have to come with an open mind and leave the rest to us. We find a way to help your team have the trickiest of conversations but also have a great time while we’re doing it. Heck, if we’re going to do this, let’s at least enjoy it.

We carefully and confidently hold your team in a safe bubble of conversation and focus on four big areas – the purpose of the meeting, the people in the meeting, the process of the meeting and the content to be discussed.


– Help you pin down specific goals for the meeting and agree what you want to achieve


– Speak to participants beforehand to hear personal perspectives and build trust

– Prepare a design – this includes an agenda, the workspace, visual tools and any materials needed for the day


– Help you have the conversations that need to happen in order to reach the outcomes


– Provide a record of the meeting so you can use it for follow-up.



Meet the really good people behind the really good meetings


Helen Chapman

Co-founder, Director and

TFP Facilitator, Author

Helen is a great facilitator, a sought after coach and successful businesswoman. She works creatively with large and small groups alike to design and facilitate powerful business conversations that nurture trust, achieve alignment and create an action by getting the best from everyone present. Author of The Meeting Book, her work enables leaders and teams to make robust decisions and then turn their plans into reality. She can often be found running and cycling around Epping Forest.


Luke Varda

TFP Facilitator

Luke is a project facilitator and is well-respected for his ability to design processes and systems, especially within the telecoms and retail sectors. His keen eye for detail means that he can navigate even the most complex, multi-faceted projects. He works at pace, with accuracy and creativity. Luke has multi-cultural experience, having worked across Europe, Asia-Pac, North America and the Middle East. He seeks adventure in all its forms and loves to share his experiences with family and friends.


Amy Webb

TFP Visualiser

Amy has a background in school settings, working with children who have additional needs. This taught her to really value the importance of supportive work relationships, clear communication and effective working practices. As a visualiser, she really enjoys seeing creative ideas and thought processes come to life. Amy’s big on clear communication and creating spaces where everyone can be heard and valued for what they bring to the table. Outside the office, she channels her creativity into crochet, with an audiobook in the background as she works.


Sam Mills

TFP Facilitator

Sam is passionate about supporting clients to achieve their potential through collaborative engagement. Coming from an education background Sam understands the need to facilitate and support conversations to meet the needs of the individuals, teams and organisations. A keen sportsman and coach, Sam strives to promote a positive and dynamic team culture in every area of life.


Ben Robinson

Co-founder, Director and

TFP Facilitator

Ben brings real depth to every meeting and has a genuine interest in people. His leadership strengthens the capability and productivity of business teams and he’s trusted to resolve conflict and help teams get things done. Ben believes, above everything else, that meetings are the lifeblood of an organisation and they should be the best thing a company does. When he's not with his family or on the mountain bike trails, Ben can often be found next to the biscuit tin (he’s partial to a ginger cream).


Phoebe Robinson

TFP Visualiser

Phoebe is an illustrator, animator and all-round visual thinker. She brings a relaxed, confident and fun style to meetings. For Phoebe, her skills really push the boundaries of her imagination to create a form of visual storytelling. She particularly loves seeing an idea take visual form and come to life. She spends a lot of time sketchbook drawing in cafés and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Aslak Justesen.jpg

Aslak Lau Rolvsen

TFP Facilitator

Aslak lives by the statement, ‘Let us be playful as children, disciplined as soldiers’. For him, structured joy and creativity are pure gold. With a depth of facilitation experience, Aslak creates the space for great dialogue and deliberately (and compassionately) challenges the people he works with to fuel increased awareness, reflection and development. When he’s not helping people succeed, Aslak loves hiking and can easily do 35k in a day.


Freya Lowy Clark

TFP Visualiser

Freya is an illustrator and her background is in painting. She loves being able to interpret concepts and ideas into fun and emotive visuals. When she’s not drawing she’s probably on a walk with her dog or dreaming up her next adventure! 


Ellie Chapman

Creative Director and

TFP Visualiser


Ellie brings real energy to any meeting and is truly gifted at visualising in the moment. She believes the foundation of being able to visualise well is through understanding why a group needs to have a certain conversation. Every meeting is different and no two conversations are ever the same which is what she loves. One day she might be drawing chocolate bars, the next aeroplanes. When she’s not got a pen in her hand, she’s a keen runner and can be found improving her PB most days.


Ellie Pritchard

TFP Visualiser

Ellie is a visual communicator and is passionate about transforming complex information into digestible and useful tools. She loves to create drawings that help tell stories, articulate feelings or simply capture the facts. Her visuals are instrumental in helping a team achieve what they need to. When she's not drawing, Ellie loves a physical challenge, from cold water swimming to running a marathon.

Stathis Vrakatselis.jpg

Stathis Vrakatselis

TFP Facilitator

Stathis originally trained as an engineer, so he’s naturally curious about how things work. He combines a 'whole view' perspective with a structured approach, creating result-oriented group processes. As a passionate design thinker and strong conceptual thinker, he turns to a huge variety of resources and experiences for creating unique, content-rich experiences. Stathis fancies himself as a bit of a chef and loves trying out new recipes.


The partners we work with are usually through recommendations or returning clients. And we’re often privy to sensitive information which is why governance, integrity and professionalism are our middle names.


Need someone to help with your next meeting?

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