Embrace change

Change can be tricky to navigate, so visualise what’s ahead and make sure everyone’s on board.

Develop your team

Make relationships stronger, so you can reach your goals.

Agree a plan

A compelling plan creates a clear way forward and turns strategy into action.

Create your future

Make your future a reality by creating a purpose and vision.


No company stands still – nothing stays the same forever. When your company goes through change, especially if it’s unexpected, it can be tricky for your team to deal with. Initially, employees can feel shocked and go through denial and despair. TFP can help your people face the truth about their current reality – they’ll learn to accept new routines and thrive in their ‘new normal’.

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Why we needed a meeting?


Our client was growing steadily but felt like they could never truly scale this way. They wanted a change of direction but didn’t know how to implement it.

The outcome of our really good meeting


The client realised they needed to change the operating model, including their vision statement and strategies. TFP worked with the executive leadership team for half a day every week over a 6-week period. We led them through an assessment of why the company existed, what they wanted to achieve and how they were leading the organisation.


By mapping their learnings, the team could openly pinpoint barriers and blockages. This allowed TFP to support them as they agreed their long-term aspirations for the business. The team pulled the internal leadership processes and forums apart and rebuilt them, so they were fit for purpose for the next phase of their evolution.


The leadership team agreed to change the meeting structure and ways of working. Strategies were agreed and an operating model was embedded which truly transformed the business. As a result, their ethos completely changed which led to a positive impact on their culture.




Whether a team’s newly formed or you’ve been together a long time, good relationships and high performance can’t be taken for granted. Teams contain stakeholders from different backgrounds with different views who want different outcomes. TFP works with you to resolve conflict, gain clarity on roles, strengthen collaborative working and build confidence. That way everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet.



Why we needed a meeting?


Business results weren’t good for this European client. Nothing felt stable and they were micromanaging every euro. The team felt closely scrutinised and there was a growing distance between everyone. It was time to make a conscious, collective change. They wanted to reset and find their collective voice. 

The outcome of our really good meeting


As we listened, it was clear this team needed to create a new, better way forward. They set aside a day to focus on themselves, their leadership and their behaviour. Working virtually, TFP created a Miro canvas, building it around the day’s agenda design. The day was challenging because the team really went for it in terms of honesty and determination.


Most significantly, there was no ‘ta-dah!’ moment. No sugar-rush high. Instead, a sober realisation from every individual that “If I don’t see myself as part of the problem, I can’t be part of the solution”. Today, this team’s a work in progress. They like it that way. No miracle cure  – instead a team who’s working consciously together, knowing they’ll never be the ‘finished article’. They’re perfect in their imperfection because they’re learning to lead together. TFP’s looking forward to working with them again in the near future.




Stop talking and get things done. Having a plan in place and agreeing a direction means precious resources aren’t wasted. It clarifies priorities, makes sure deadlines are hit and helps identify what’s needed to overcome challenges. With the help of TFP, you can drill down on the detail, identify milestones and create real momentum.



Why we needed a meeting?


Due to impacts of COVID-19, our client’s products weren’t going to be profitable in the year ahead.  

The outcome of our really good meeting


This wasn’t about finding an answer – it was about looking at what they could do differently. TFP built momentum with a cross-functional team and produced a detailed project plan for all areas to get involved with and roll out across the business.


We broke the usual 1-day workshop up and extended it over a 6-week period – by embedding it onto an online tool, we made it visible and accessible to all. Through creative idea generation, we discovered data and numbers and mapped them to the end-to-end process. 


By grouping and clustering the ideas, we could then work out the potential impact of the themes we’d discussed. This meant the team could make decisions alongside their leaders. Finally, we moved this all into a comprehensive action plan that scoped the planned delivery of their work over the coming 6-10 months. The client then implemented it with regular planned reviews and milestones.




Kick-starting your business to make sure it’s ahead of the game means thinking of the future. How will your business look five years from now? How will you work? Making sure you create a vision that everyone’s aligned to and developing a road map to get there is crucial. TFP can help you build a robust strategy to drive you forward.



Why we needed a meeting?


It was the perfect storm: a newly formed leadership team, a stretching ambition and a global pandemic – our client didn’t know how to sail this perilous sea with success.

The outcome of our really good meeting


With the leadership team still forming and now ‘locked down’ in home offices, we set about creating the future. The ambition was clear – our priority was to establish purpose and vision. These three elements combined to reveal the creative tension needed to push and pull the project.


TFP developed a fit-for-purpose Operating Model, designed uniquely to create the structure, stability, flexibility and freedom needed to overcome challenges and make timely decisions. This would ultimately engage and excite their global group of stakeholders.


Reflecting on this work, we’re delighted we helped the leadership team to work with pace and clarity, whilst guiding a diverse group of people as the thinking developed. We achieved this by running a parallel process to ensure a talented input and a growing wave of engagement from the start. Working virtually made everything possible – we created a collaborative, creative workspace online and this helped everyone develop their confidence and skills. 


The result? A leadership team living their purpose, working with clarity and having confidence in their vision.


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