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Strategy & Planning

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Do you really have strategic clarity? Are all operating plans robust? Are your teams aligned with shared priorities and objectives? 

TFP can help your teams put a robust approach in place for the next business cycle while aligning all your people with shared priorities, roadmaps and objectives.

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When your purpose is planning for the future:

  • Do you want to roadmap the next financial year?
  • Want to organise and align what you do to be more efficient?
  • Perhaps there are conflicting priorities?
  • You might be kicking off strategic projects or reviewing where they are?
  • Trying to plan with multiple reporting lines or no direct line-manager influence?
  • Or maybe there’s a programme of change to deliver?

TFP helps teams engage the right people in the best way, set clear priorities and milestones, and turn strategy into action. We help you work out the deliverables and who’s taking ownership of what. 

The outcome is shared accountability for goals, clear roles with tasks and a robust, tangible plan in place.

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88% of businesses agreed that external consultants bring valuable insights and skills that are not available internally. Deloitte
76% of surveyed executives stated they worked with external consultants to lead projects as it allowed them to focus internally on their core competences. Bain & Co
72% of CEOs utilised external consultants to gain access to proven methodologies and frameworks and streamline the strategic planning process. PwC
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Sit back and engage fully in your meeting. We research, design, prepare and then lead your meeting, offering the human touch while working visually too. Whether it’s in the room, online or a hybrid meeting, we work creatively with large and small groups to lead the conversations in order to get clear answers and achieve a successful outcome every time.

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TFP Momentum©

We work with clients over a longer period of time in order to deliver large transformational change initiatives and help your leadership team gather momentum towards their goals. By remaining external and neutral we can do the heavy lifting for your team and use facilitation to make light of the work that's needed.

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Meeting in a Box

Meeting in a Box is a product designed by us, specifically for your meeting, based on our principles and methodologies. It provides everything you need to run your own meeting including summary charts, templates, pens, post-its and more.

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Just some of the clients who regularly come back to work with us

L Oreal
Royal Canin
Charity Commission
Beyond Meat
Griffith Foods
AB World Foods

“tfp created a safe and inclusive space where everyone felt comfortable sharing their thoughts, leading to breakthrough ideas and tangible outcomes.”

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