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Helen Chapman TFP

Defining a clear purpose

We begin by working out the purpose of your work or the problem you’re trying to solve. We’ll listen closely to challenges you face and the outcomes you want to achieve.  So whether you need to craft a vision, refresh strategy or strengthen your team, by focusing on purpose, TFP will help you get to the bottom of your biggest challenges in order to transform and develop your organisation.

How TFP can help you plan, transform and develop

Vision & Ambition

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Strategy & Planning

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Team Development

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Leading Culture

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There's three ways to work with us

Depending on your purpose, you can choose to work with us meeting-by-meeting, over a longer period of time or you can facilitate your own meeting with our support.

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TFP Facilitation

This is for you if want purposeful and engaging conversations that achieve the outcomes you need. We'll facilitate the process so you and your team to focus on the conversation in hand. We enable real conversations to happen between the people who need to have them; leading to committed decision making, planning and action.

We can do this in-person, online or in hybrid.

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TFP Momentum©

When you want traction and pace over a longer period, say 6-18 months. TFP Momentum© projects are bespoke and often focus on refreshing strategy, leading culture, developing teams and embedding plans.

TFP Momentum© will also equip your team with experience, knowledge and skill to continue independently of TFP.

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TFP Meeting in a Box©

Is an excellent choice if you want to empower your team to facilitate a particular meeting. We'll step you through the design process, then send you the templates and kit you need to run the session. We'll coach you in the run up to get you ready to lead purposeful conversations and capture great visual notes.

You'll have everything you need without us being present.

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“I liked how you understood our challenge so quickly, sensed so well how to sequence the flow of discussions, the quality of your templates, the pace you created them to make us work together…I am amazed by how much we have been able to do together and this is thanks to you!”

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