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We believe there is a facilitator in everyone and work hard to help the people in our universe discover it. There are plenty of ways you can continue your journey of discovery with us.

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We're big on learning

As facilitators and trainers, we help people unlock their inner facilitator.

By way of helpful help, we've pulled together a range of resources. Here you'll find:

Stop going to meetings

From us to you

Some useful tools on the house

Meetings that achieve and deliver – every time

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Meeting training

We generally spend 20-30 hours a week in meetings, yet how many of us have ever had any formal training on running them?

Being able to run great meetings as a leader, such as:

  • Improved meeting productivity
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Enhanced diversity of perspectives
  • Positive organisational impact

We offer one-to-one coaching, paired and small group training sessions and for larger groups: a coaching retreat.

We focus on putting the 'me' into meetings. Whether we’re working with two people or a team of ten, we don’t believe in ‘blanket’ training – we see each person as an individual who needs to develop in their own unique way. Our USP is working with people from the inside out to develop their ability as a facilitator.

Ultimately, we help you to become more resourceful facilitators in order to achieve valuable and tangible results immediately.